Wednesday, October 26, 2016

8. Latest crop of pictures!

January 20th 2007

Another Saturday...another afternoon at the internet cafe! Let's see...first here are some pics from when Kelvin and I went to the beach last Sunday!

This picture I took on a tro-tro while making my way back to Adeiso for the week. Tro-tros are the mini-bus informal system of public transportation. They break down, they're uncomfortable, and they're confusing but hey, when it costs $.30 to get across town so it's hard to complain!

Here's a picture of Gifty and Patrick Ansah pounding Fufu, a doughy Ghanain staple made from plantains and cassava or yams. Mom, you keep wondering what i'm eating so here you go...Gifty feeds me a LOT, I already have a litte pot belly goin' on! I eat lots of starch, like rice or potatoes or yams or plantains with a "stew". (Which we call sauce) Gifty makes a ground nut stew that I really like, then she'll make tomato based ones with cabbage and veggies. Sometimes I have beans, always lots of eggs. What "land eggs" are I'm not sure, but they're good. ;) And dessert is always oranges, pineapple, or papaya from the tree out front. Breakfast is tea (no coffee to be found) and some bread with perhaps ground nuts on it (peanut butter) or this strange margerine-like substance.

Black outs, or "lights off" as they call them, are a weekly occurance. This week I had a couple days without power (so you go to bed at 9pm), so here is a picture of my lantern-lit dinner one night. In front of the lantern if the silhouette of my spoonfull of food--I think it's a neat photo...

Here is a picture of me working with my primary class in Adeiso! I have been teaching them about colors this week, because they have had no exposure at all. They are thisty to learn, and they help me shoo away the other students outside who always collect at the windows to watch the "obruni" teacher!

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