Tuesday, October 25, 2016

20. Escape from the jungle

February 28, 2007

...well, to a different jungle I guess, but still I got to escape from Daboase this weekend to explore the rest of this region. :)

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I went to the towns of Cape Coast and Elmina. First here's a picture of one of the buildings in Cape Coast. (Yes, that woman on the right was literally running out of the picture because she noticed me taking it)
And here's a friendly character who I bought seashell earrings from...

Here's a picture of me (Oh, the bangs have gotten so long!) hanging out at the beach one night listening to some local folks playing drums and singing Bob Marley songs. They love Bob Marley here. And Celine Dion And no, you can't escape that James Blunt song either. Go figure. But talk about a fun time! (Oh, those beads I'm wearing were made by the handicapped kids at Operation Hand-in-Hand I mentioned in my blog last month)

Then this picture I took on my way home. Lots of people sleep outside because it's so stuffy indoors. I probably would have been too wimpy to take a picture of this guy if my judgement hadn't been--ehem--impaired from the evening's indulgences...
Here's a shot of me and Mary and her friend from another night...

Here's a picture of Elmina, the little town that pretty much went back to its fishing-village-roots when the Dutch left. So it has more of a European aftertaste to it than its neighbor Cape Coast...

I also ventured up to Kakum National Park, home of a unique Swiss-Family-Robinson-style suspended walkway through the treetops of the rainforest. Looking down and seeing that the treetops are soooo far beneath your feet? Very. Cool.

Phew, after spending 3 hours here at the labs it's almost 2pm here in Ghana and I still have not had a proper meal today. But I think my stomach is up for a little somethin-somethin', so I guess it's time for me to venture back to Daboase. Later!

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