Wednesday, October 26, 2016

15. 100 Degrees in the Shade: Tamale

February 12, 2007

My next stop on my little Ghanaian adventure was 5 hours Northeast to the capital of the Northern region, Tamale. I basically made a stop here because that is the only place where you can get a bus to Mole National Park, and I stayed with another of Kelvin's relatives names Pagsana. Tamale basically has lots of bicycles, lots of mosques (the North is predominantly Muslim), and lots of HEAT! At night the fan in my room just felt like a hairdryer. So here is a picture of the main part of guidebook jokes about how the town lacks things to do so much that all the action is centered around the radio tower. And, well, it is.

Besides the mosques and the leather workers, the market was the only thing to really see there. And you know how I love those market photos...

It was too hot to do anything else besides drink something cool, and read.

Are you ready for the prettiest picture ever? Are you sure? Well, here it is. The girls in the compound I was staying in were just so sweet and beautiful, I'm so thankful they modeled for me! I mean, just look at them...
 And here's a couple more lovely ladies who were willing to let me photograph them...I couldn't pick just one photo!

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