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19. Next teaching post: Daboase

February 18, 2007

Howdy! I'm sitting at perhaps the only internet cafe that's open on Sundays here in Takoradi, a big beach town in the West. I'm sipping my cold Coke. It's all good.

I came to my next teachng post this week in the little town of Daboase. It's close to Takoradi, Cape Coast and Elmina here. I try not to complan, but I must express to someone that it's been a very hard week. (Sometimes I sure wish I had another volunteer I could vent to...) Since I've arrived here, things have not gone smoothly due to a lack of organization, communicaton, and sheer good luck. I'm sure it'll go better ths upcoming week...On that whiney note, here are some pictures of Daboase! It's much more tropical here than in Accra, a lot more trees and grass. And a lot more sweat.

Thursday was "Rally Around the Flag", a nation-wide event with all the schools to get people hyped up for the upcoming 50th Jubilee celebration. (Oh yeah, this year marks Ghana's 50th year of independance) So I got to see all the school kids marching through the streets waving flags around and singing.

This is the Junior Art Club branch office where I will be teaching, and lot of the kids that participate in the program. I LOVE this picture! (The cart on the left side of the picture was their "car", they wheeled eachother around in it) So this was where I spent my Valentine's day. :)

This is the beach at Takoradi! In Daboase I'm staying with a teacher named Mary, and I came with her to Takoradi this weekend to check it out...

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