Wednesday, October 26, 2016

5. I've only been here two weeks??

January 13, 2007

It feels like I've been here for such a long time--funny how travel does that to you. So here are some new pictures, enjoy!

Aburi botanical gardens, the entrance is lined with these huge coconut trees...

Here's me learning how to fry plantains earlier today. (yum!) Being a vegetarian here is VERY hard, but the dishes that I find work are all very good. (and spicy!) No dairy though, so I have had none since I arrived two weeks ago. A glass of milk, anyone, please??

A group of kids working a stall in Adeiso...

Here's looking down into a bucket of water, playing with my shadow...

The mosquitos are indeed, evil. This one grew even bigger...I wanted to chop off my leg.

Patrick (senior) and Gifty Ansah, my new host family in Adeiso!

This one's a little dark, but it's of me reading on the porch in Adesiso. What a view, eh?

Kelvin making me laugh like usual! He and I have become very good friends, I miss not seeing him when I'm not in Accra!

Accra at night. The air is thick with dust because I'm here during Harmattan--the dusty winds blowing in from the Sahara. It leads to mysterious light effects at night and black boogers during the day. (Loooovely!)

This is how kids in Adeiso react to an Obruni. (I thought before it was Bruni, but it's Obruni) Everywhere I go they just go crazy! And they chant over and over, "Obruni, obruni, obruni!" So I yell back, "Obibini!" (Which means "Black person") This makes them laugh! I have to shoo them away from my class when I teach, because they are all so curious about me. Some children are scared, because I'm told they have never seen a white person. So they are scared of me like I was of clowns with their painted faces when I was a child--that's a strange thought. Anyway, my students are great--thirthy to learn and very kind. I'll write more on them when I get to know them better!

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