Tuesday, October 25, 2016

27. Color me monochromatic

March 11, 2007

Maybe it's the fact that I'm undeniably melancholy lately, or it's simply the fact that my colored pencils are all running out, but this latest crop of art I made are all appropriately monotone. Kelvin hasn't been around all week so I've been living alone in our dark house with only one art class here in Accra to plan for. I mean, I've made 11 pieces of art in the past week...which means that I'm lonely.

This next image here reminds me of the painting Christina's World. (you know, that painting of the girl in the field that every shy high school girl thinks totally is about her) Interpret it how you wish...that I am a lonely isolated island here in Ghana all by myself? That I emotionally keep myself at a distance from other people? That I'm looking ahead to my journey back to the States and on to NYC? All true.

This next drawing is called Unmuttered, and it sums up the fact that lately I just don't even want to articulate the things that weigh on my mind. It's this strange new feeling of apathy. My unspoken words gather like spare change accumulating in a mason jar...unmuttered, unsorted, unresolved...

I just made this drawing earlier tonight, hastily in the dark. So I don't kow what I think of it yet since I have not seen it in the daylight! It's my unrolled message in a bottle, my quiet way of reaching out to anyone in the void.

This is a picture of me working on the drawing above earlier tonight. Since we still have power issues, my desk is lit by candles and the headlight from Caroline fashioned as a desk lamp...

I just finished reading The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton, which is an interesting look at why people travel. He cites writers and artists along with his own experiences, so it's an interesting read. I wrote out his main thoughts here in case you're interested...

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