Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1. Greetings from Ghana

December 30, 2006

Hello from Ghana! (Look Mom, I'm alive!) Computers are very slow in Ghana, so I hope I can post as many blog as I'd like to. (For example, it takes 30 seconds to rotate a single photo...I've been in the lab 2 hours now...good lord.)

Well, today is my third day in Ghana and everything's going well! No art yet, but here are some pics. First here is my traveling companion Mr. Duck getting ready for the journey...
...and here's the fortune I received just before I left! I sure hope that my fortune cookie message here is right. 

This was my view from the plane while flying over the Atlantic...from door to door it was only 22 hours...

Kelvin from the Junior Art Club (who I'm volunteering with) picked me up at the airport and has been my guide for the past couple days. This is the house with an apartment that is for JAC volunteers, it's in the Accra suburb of Osu. I've spent the past two days learning my way around the's nice to sleep under a mosquito net, and I wake up to roosters outside and kids laughing...

Today I ventured into town by myself, drank beer by the ocean with another is good.

I'm out of time to give more details, so I'll save that for another entry.

I'm off back to the house. To fill up my bucket of water, because there's no running water inside. And take a well deserved shower. Still haven't figured out how I'll wash my hair...I guess I'm buying a scarf.

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