Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2. My obruni artwork

December 31, 2006

I'm not used to standing out as much as I do here in Ghana, as the only white person ("obruni" as everyone calls us) within sight. Yesterday I had quite the adventures, and all the constant haggling wore me out. So today I stayed in and made art, and listened to the music from the church down the street all morning. I drew this sketch in the afternoon on my balcony. (those little blobby animals are goats)

This picture here is of my travel journal, I decorated it a couple days ago with some local symbols. (One that I found looks strikingly similar to the tattoo on my wrist)

This next image was inspired by a paper that was stuck in the copy machine and ended up with these abstract lines. I wanted to play with it...

And this last one here is my favorite. Looking at all the artwork in the Arts Center yesterday, I noticed how all lot of the art depicts crowds or large groups of people. Individuals are shown doing everyday activities, and are not individuals as much as they represent the everyperson. There is a sense of community of a whole. This painting here just ended up looking like fabric, and it has just one strand of green...

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