Tuesday, October 25, 2016

18. I am a red balloon.

February 18, 2007

Sadly I only have a couple drawings to post! Sniff. In Daboase I don't have a desk to work at, or even a table to lay out my art stuff---so it's been very difficult to make anything...

This first one is called I Am a Red Balloon. It's another image of restriction, like the eyeball nunchucks drawing. It's about how in Ghana sometimes I feel like I'm a dreamer trapped in a reality-based society. Everyone here lives only in the moment, but as a metaphor-spinning-star-gazing-eating-concepts-for-breakfast girl I find it binding sometimes. Like I'm constantly pulled back down when I try to let my mind float around. I love the concept but wish I was able to concentrate better on the execution...

This next one I see as similar to the first drawing. And yet again, I like the concept more than the execution. (Gosh, these blogs of mine today are so negative! I must procure some chocolate...) The title of this one will be something like The Blue Sweater's Last Stand or The Blue Sweater versus The People of Daboase. You get the idea. But it's about how everyone I pass by wants me to come over and talk to them, or they yell at me excitedly and I have to stop what I'm doing, then I'm trying to speak the local language best I can for everyone's amusement. I know the people all mean well, but for a person like me it's just socially draining. Like everyone is pulling on a thread in my sweater and the sweater is coming undone.

I promise the next blog will be more positive.

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