Tuesday, October 25, 2016

31. References

March 20, 2007

This first piece here is about perception and contrast.  You see, here in Ghana everyone notices me and I find they assume I'm extremely wealthy, European, married, and 22.  But when I go back home in a week I'll go back to being just another face in the crowd...a poor uninsured single artist.  It's like Seurat's studies of contrast which I remember finding so interesting in 8th grade...because I remain the same no matter what culture I am in, but I'm interpreted/ viewed differently within each culture. Here it's visual perception, how the grey appears differenly against the black versus the white.  (Make sense?)

Sorry this next one is a bit out of focus, but it's a really simple one anyway.  It's a painting of my blinders, and it's just an observation of how I always overly focus on one thing at a time.  Like my art, or my work, or some silly goal I set for myself.  After I made it I realized it totally looks like one of Barnett Newman's "zips," which I've actually never been a fan of.  (He's a minimalist painter)

This drawing here was made from a table up at a well known restaurant here in Osu called Frankie's.  (They have obruni food--I actually got to have a cup of brewed coffee!)  I really think the drawing captures the cluttered hectic nature of Osu.

This next piece ws a lovely accident.  It was actually a scrap piece of paper I was blotting my paintbrush on while making the Blinders picture.  I was going to scribble notes on it later when I realizzed the painted streaks were rather interesting.  So I filled in the rest of the paper with colored pencil and turned it into a whole composition.  I don't know why, but this piece just feels like a whisper...

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