Tuesday, October 25, 2016

32. Some Nonobjectives

March 22, 2007

I find this first painting here visually delicious...I just want to eat it up with a dainty little spoon. Doing batik definitely makes me want to just play more with my paint, which is quite liberating.

This next one started as a piece of scrap paper which I blotted my paintbrush on, just like an image I posted in my last blog. But this one I developed with a specific feeling in mind I wanted to convey, so I think it's more successful. It's about a little blushing (gasp!) kiss...

This next drawing is called Fitting Room, and it's simply about how I came to Ghana to try on a comletely different culture. Which I have...but I won't deny that African life is not my ideal lifestyle. However, I knew this before I came. I knew it would be difficult and challenging for me, I knew that in a way I was choosing to make myself uncomfortable. That was part of the reason I came at this point in my life..because I realized I was willing to do it. And I know that the older I get, the less likely I'll be willing to try on things that take me out of my comfort zone in that little dressing room.

So the countdown has begun...
I fly back to Virginia on TUESDAY!! 

 So I'm squeezing in a lot before then: getting clothes made for me by my friend Hamza, finishing batik, taking down the JAC art show this weekend, learning as much dance as possible from my dance teacher Kwaku, hopefully paint a mural at the JAC building---egads! I'll welcome some down time with my family in Woodbridge. Oh, and I will come to Charlottesville at the end of next week to hang out for a few days. These thoughts bring a big goofy grin to my face...

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