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3. Hello, 2007!

January 3, 2007

Happy New Years, everyone!

It didn't feel like New Year's to me, I guess because it's so warm, But I spent it hanging out with Kelvin and his friends over in the local outdoor watering-hole in his neighborhood of Dansuman, west of town. Here's what it looked like during the day! (Mom, this is where we spoke on the phone!)

I watched the fashion parade of everyone going to New Year's church services (it's a spiritual holiday here) and drank whiskey with a bar full of almost all men. (there's a funny mental picture for you) At midnight everyone sang a hymn, and we shot off fireworks in the street. (I shot my first Roman Candle)

Yesterday I went "grocery shopping" with Kelvin, it was very different than what I'm used to! We hit the Makola Market, which sprawls over an entire city block. Here's just part of the market, and then a shot of me drinking out of my first coconut from one of the street vendors.

If you're inclined to mail me anything, here's my contact address for my time here: Junior Art Club PO Box GP 1301 Accra, Ghana. And I do have a mobile, the number is (country code 233) 24-331-9123, remember I'm 5 hours ahead. :) Oh, here's a picture of Kelvin and Evangeline at the JAC office!

Finally, here's the Freedom Arch you're guaranteed to see in Accra! It's their Arc de Triomphe.  

Currently reading: Maya Angelou's "All God's Children Need Walking Shoes", it's about her time living in Ghana in the 1960's. There are two competing local beers here, Star and Club. And like Maya, I'm a Club girl myself.

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