Wednesday, October 26, 2016

7. Latest crop of drawings!

January 20, 2007

First I have a couple sketches from the beach!  (Watercolour pencils are great for this sort of thing because I can sketch it on site and then at home go over it with a brush)

This next drawing deals with the book I'm reading on Buddhist meditation called "The Miracle of Mindfullness."  One point in it that I particularly liked was that you should remind yourself that whatever activity you are doing, whether it is washng the dishes or drinking a cup of tea, is the most important thing in your life.  To be present in that moment instead of thinking about the next one.  So here I drew this idea, about living in the current footstep instead of dwelling on my past/ future footsteps.

Here is a drawing I did of the papaya tree in front of my house in Adeiso.  (Yum!)  The drawing has more color in real life than this photo reflects...

This painting is about how nice people in Adeiso are.  How their spirit just radiates from them!  (I've been practicing my Tri with the locals in Adeiso, and they just love it when I actually reply when they say "Eh te sen") In my head I saw the people walking around as these golden stars walking amid the sandy winds of Hamattan...

This next drawing is about the flipside of dealing with people in rural Ghana.  One one hand, yes, they are friendly and generous.  But sometimes I get fed up with all the assumptions and labels that people slap on me whenever they see me.  The women talking about me behind me as I'm walking and giggling to eachother.  The constant "obruni" chants.  People asking for money because everyone assumes I am rich. Women yanking my skirt up in the market if a sliver of my hip is revealed.  Sometimes it's just all too much.  So here I am passively letting the labels get me down, when I'm too tired to let it roll off my back.

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